Monday, June 30, 2008


We went to the Cameron Park Extravaganza last saturday to see the fireworks. It was really fun! We make it a point to not leave the house until 7:30 or so, so we only had an hour to wait for the show. Dad and Sam explored the fair, while Pearl and I had swordfights with our glowie sticks. I don't think Sam remembered the fireworks from last year, because he was utterly delighted. Well, you can see, both kids were! It was lovely, a fireworks show, then both kids snoozed in our super cool new Phil & Teds double stroller on the long walk back to the car. Great family fun!

Summer with our cousins

We are so lucky to have all of our cousins close this summer. Sara got this picture of the Weir side, can you believe they are all so cute? We loved it so much we blew it up very large and put it on the wall:)

We also get to spend the summer with Cumorah and Rivers, our Hulbert cousins. Sammy and Cumorah have a special relationship that is not for adults to understand. They seem to be on the same wavelength, and are having a great time. Thank goodness Maryann always has her camera to capture the moment!

Weir on Vacation

We just got back from 4 days on the beach with my family. It was so much fun! We ate, lounged in the sand, ate, hiked in the redwoods, ate some more, went in the spa, you get the point. Pearl's favorite part was climbing in the tree in front of the house (not the tree that the football and the kite are still stuck in, but that's another story), and looking for seashells. Sam adored the spa and digging in the sand. Fun times!

Mara and I also took this opportunity to ignore our children and read...Sam came to check it out...he didn't stay long when he realized that the activity did not involve reading to him.

One of the days we went hiking in the redwoods. It was really fun!