Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Smarty pants

The other day after my run, I was putting the babies back in the car, when Max sniffed me.

Sniff sniff.

Ooh, mom, you smell STINKY!!!

Then (with a gleam in his eye) "Katie has a shower."  (aka go to aunt mara's house and use her shower so I can play with my favorite person in the world, Katie).

Oh Max, you are so smart.

And yes, it totally worked.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

First Word

It always amazes me how different my children are.  I think I'm still mostly the same person, but they are so unique.  For example, Sam could have cared less about trains, and Max is totally obsessed.  Pearl was not a huge dolly player... she liked little people and stuffed animals... but at 14 months, Ruby has discovered babies.  

We walked down the doll aisle at target with Max to see if Max could find a Christmas present for her.  I have never seen that kid so exited.  She was pointing, bouncing in her seat, reaching, and saying "baby, baby."  So, since we really have no dollies at our house (though I think Santa will be bringing her one) I went ahead and let her have the $3 one.  It's head is small enough for her to grab it by the face and clonk it on the floor with her as she scoots.  She wants to take it everywhere... she got it into the bathtub last night (it was apparently too close) and it had to spend the night on the heater vent... when she woke up, she sleepily rubbed her eyes and signed "baby" at me... so we went and got baby.  

Here is video proof of her first word.  Enjoy!