Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Halloween

Halloween wasn't quite the same this year… I usually have pictures taken and up way way early… but I was busy racing during the first halloween party.  It's a small miracle that I got everyone ready to go in time to snap pics this year:)  So, Happy Halloween from:
 Dora the Explorer (Ruby knew who she was, but I think most of the houses we went to assumed she wasn't dressed up…:)
 Cleopatra (thank you Wal Mart aisle, study of Ancient Egypt, and makeup by Aunt Crystal)
 Ironman.  I love four year olds:)
Ninja.  He was very specific about wanting to be a ninja this year.  I keep telling him that being a black belt is almost like being a ninja, I don't think he believes me.

Spartan Beast

So, Jared and I signed up to do this crazy crazy race.  13+ miles (my garmin at the end read 14.98 miles) and 26 obstacles.  He wanted to do it last year but I was running a half marathon that day, so instead he stayed home with the kids.  I told him we'd do it this year but it wasn't untill I saw an Amazon Local voucher for half off at the last minute that we decided to do it.  
 It was really fun.  The weather was awesome, we were with friends, one of which who didn't really run, which was ok.  It's hard to run with mud in your shoes anyway.
 Every obstacle you can't master, you have to do 30 burpees.  I hate burpees.  Luckily, I only couldn't complete 4 of the obstacles… same as Jared.  Except that he totally did the raise a bucket of concrete one and I could not, but I totally schooled him on the climb across a rope hanging over a lake and ring a cowbell one.  I'm still proud of that.

 See?  Isn't he just a stud?  You should have seen him, just leaping over those 8 foot walls…. amazing.  That's my man.

 It took us 6 1/2 hours… I'm pretty sure that's not something to brag about.  But it was FUN!  I was hungry by the end, that's pretty much my worst complaint.  A few days later I was covered in bruises and a rope burn, but to be honest, I expected much worse.  Good day with the hubs.