Saturday, November 28, 2009

4 Months Old

How fast it goes!
Max is a pretty happy baby with a sweet little personality. He will get a huge grin if you smile at him, unless he's tired. His favorite things are baths, someone talking to him, Sam and Pearl, chewing on his fingers, and grabbing his toys.
He has recently also mastered sitting up in his bumbo chair - yeah Max!
Just this week I also had to move him up a clothing size - now he's in 6-9 month clothes. Most moms might think this is normal for a 4 month old, but I have had small babies. He's just growing so fast I feel like he's only in a size for about 2 seconds! Good thing we have all those hand me downs from Sam!
We still love this little boy!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


On Sunday, at Grandma Hulbert's...

Sam: "Mom, I want you to read this book to me."

Mom: (who was cranky and trying to deal with a fussy baby) "I don't really care what you want."

Sam: (walking over to grandma, the sucker) "Do you care?"

Of course she did!

Monterey Day 2

So, Max had a few difficulties today... or should I say last night and today? The kid only poops once every 12 days, and he was due. So, after a terrible night, I was walking around the hotel lobby with him at 5 am and we found a lighted aquarium in the hotel restaurant - talk about mesmerized. He seriously looked at it for like 20 minutes! That's when I realized that the 3 month old might like the Monterey Bay Aquarium just as much as the older kids... and it was so!
(PS luckily he did finally poop this morning, perfect timing, we were just showering from the beach before heading out to the aquarium - phew!)
He seriously loved it, but it was funny. He only likes small fish - the sharks and things were just a little too big for him, he would fuss and look away. The tank above was his favorite - we think he liked the bubbles in the top.
Everyone loves a good anchovy swim! The jellyfish were also a big hit.
Pearl and Sam holding the starfish - and yes, we did get in a little bit of trouble for taking them out of the water...
We did get to go to the gift shop. Pearl must have asked like 15 times if we were going, and when we counted her money she had $8 to spend. So, she found a little seal for $5.99 and Sam picked out an octopus. Then, when we were at lunch, we discussed names for our new acquisitions. This is how I know Sam is no longer a baby, but a full fledged little boy. He wanted to name his octopus "stinky poop." After many suggestions, we finally ended up with "Swirly," but it was touch and go for a good half hour! As far as I know, Pearl still hasn't named hers, but she was contemplating something to do with mermaids...

The kiddos loved the hotel we stayed at, the Embassy Suites in Seaside. Two blocks from the beach (we got to ride scooters there), indoor swimming pool, separate bedroom for Jared and I, super cool breakfast, lobby with koi pond and turtles and fountains, and, the best part, the glass elevators. Oh my, there was button pushing and story telling about if you push 1 and 3 together it goes higher than all the floors and you'll end up in the clouds. We did have to try it, and I must say Pearl was extremely nervous... imagine her relief when we ended up on floors three and one! We got tears from more than one kids on the way home because we weren't going back to the hotel...

Perfect vacation... short, but sweet!


Since I'm awake in a strange hotel in the middle of the night, I might as well get caught up... here is Pearl's writing sample from November of her 1st grade year. I think the translations won't even be necessary this time!

I guess the curriculum standard is that by the end of 1st grade they need to be able to write a three sentence story. That won't be a problem for Pearl - the problem will be to get her to stop! She loves writing now, and has written a few stories of multiple "chapters" at home. This, from the child who could not make a correct lower case e to save her life less than a year ago!


We decided to use those aquarium passes (Sam asks to go like every other day) and spend a few days in Monterey this Thanksgiving. One of the things I really wanted to do was to get some family pictures at the beach.
To my photography friends... don't look too closely. I still have a lot to learn about shooting with a tripod and remote, apparently. The candids were better, but as I was holding a sleeping baby while shooting, I was kind of far away and had to crop a lot, so, everything looks kind of grainy to me... oh well. You get the point- we were there:)
With and without Max - he was getting quite upset at this point. Shortly after this picture I picked him up and he immediately fell asleep in my arms. Oh, to be a baby...
Isn't Jared photogenic?

Jared and Sam had a good time with the surf...
Pearl immediately wanted to begin her "seashell" search. She has been talking about nothing but collecting seashells and visiting the gift shop at the aquarium. It was getting dark by the time we got there, so she didn't get to do much looking - she mostly just got in trouble for wandering off...
And again with the kelp - I kid you not, when we walked passed some, she said "ooh, kelp!" What is it with this kid and seaweed?
Dad throwing Sam...
and Sam throwing Dad!
Controlled wading...
and uncontrolled wading!
This is one of the best pictures of me. It's hard for me to see pictures of myself sometimes, and since I'm usually behind the camera, it's not usually necessary. But, I'm trying to make a point of getting more comfortable in front of the camera (and having Jared get more comfortable behind as well...).

Well, off to the aquarium tomorrow! I'll let you know how the gift shop goes...

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Cool, huh! Jared decided that Pearl's hand me down computer needed a little flair...
So, one free travel mouse from an old Intel promotion, a can of teal spray paint and some glitter spray paint later... wa la!
Again with the taking apart of this computer - I think it's been done about 7 times, like the time he fixed the screen he stepped on, the time he replaced the power receiver, and the USB port, you get the idea. I've seen it come apart and together enough times now that I trust him... mostly. (there was the time he snapped my cell phone in two when he was putting a new color cover on...)
He did get the kids to help put it together for at least a few minutes... Seriously, if you were 7 wouldn't you want a sparkly teal computer?
And, of course, the final garish touch, stickers strategically placed by the girl herself:)


Max has some new skills...
He is in LOVE with his fingers! He gets them in any chance he can. I love his funny slurping noises.
Love my sweet baby!
This is creating a large drool spot continuously on his neck, but he doesn't seem to mind!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pearl is 7!

So, for her actual birthday, she began the day a bit disappointed in the lack of party decorations (I know, bad mom...). She had requested McDonald's for lunch (gag) and Sizzler for dinner (hopefully her taste will improve with age...). So, while she and Sam and Dad were at McDonalds, I toddled off to the barn to get the dolly and wheel her VERY heavy birthday desk into the house all by myself. I put the legs on, and got the hutch connected and her vanity moved before she got home. I also set up a two generation old computer to be her very own to play Starfall and Webkinz on. Talk about a happy girl! I made her cover her eyes and we all yelled surprise - she loved it!
She fits perfectly in the pink office chair with the chair set all the way up:) Sam was thrilled that they will be playing more starfall (he likes to give her directions to follow...) and I am thrilled to have a computer set up dedicated to computer games for the kids. Don't tell Pearl, but I'm sure Sam will use it for his little preschool games when she's at school:)

The desk is big - big enough for the computer and ample space to do homework or other necessary art projects. This is her coloring in the fairy I drew from her new "how to draw a fairy" book (thanks, Tegan!). She promises she'll try the next one.

We got all her new colored pencils set up on the pegboard in an accessible place for her, and I gave her a stack of thank you cards. I've never seen her so motivated to write so many cards! She even made one for me:) She told me tonight that tomorrow she's planning on hanging out at her desk, playing starfall or writing things, and she is DEFINITELY doing her homework there from now on. Looks like it was a big hit, she feels very grown up in her new desk!

Her real present from me was her baby book, which I slaved over for months. I think it kind of took a back burner to all the webkinz, the cool charm set from Grandma Weir, and, of course, the hand-me-down computer that Daddy says he will paint pink for her. However, once we got a quiet moment, she really did enjoy looking at herself as a baby and reading everyone's memories of her. She has it set up in a prominent place on her desk, and later on she did say it was one of her favorite presents. Can't believe she's a gap toothed 7 year old, where does the time go! I love this little girl!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hairy Tale

We have hair issues. I mean, Jared is pretty much the hairiest man I've ever met (well, now not so much on his head) and in combination with my Weir genetics it makes for an altogether hairy family.

On his business trip, he decided to grow a beard. I firmly object to the beard on the grounds that it's not that much fun to kiss. So, he figures, he's not going to see me for a week, why shave?
Pearl was quite fascinated with it. They had a great father/daughter bonding moment.

So, as Jared was getting de-haired and had the buzzer out, I decided it was time for Max to get rid of his "tuft."

Here it is in all it's glory. His womb hair just kept growing and growing and sticking straight up. Adorable, right? Yeah, until it's like 4 inches long and tickles your nose every time he's in the baby bijorn. It was time - yup, we buzzed the three month old!
This is the first pass - I know, it looks terrible. He looks a little bit like a badly shorn sheep.
This is after I evened it out with scissors a bit. I don't know what it is about little boys, but haircuts ALWAYS make them look older (sniff sniff) apparently even when they are babies!

Seriously, in this picture, can you even tell it's Max? Looks like Sam to me...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Funny Sam

Me: Sam, come here and put your sweatshirt on. It's cold!

Sam: No Mom! I'm running wild and free! (takes off...)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pearl's 7th Birthday Party

Every year Pearl wants a party, and every year I say "let's just do a date with one friend..." Apparently, we are working from an every-other-year pattern (instigated by Pearl) of parties. However, this year (a party year, exhausting and expensive if you ask me...) I talked her into picking just 3 friends to see the EDMT production of the Wizard of Oz. What really convinced her was that our neighbor, Lindsay, (whom Pearl idolizes, I mean, come on, she's a 4th grader and very kind to Pearl) was going to be in it. Yeah for me! Easy party!
So, she invited Sophie, Makayla, and Tegan, and all the girls seemed to enjoy the show. The production was fabulous, and I loved that my Mom had my boys!
This is Lindsay and her neighborhood fans:) Afterwards, we went to the lunch buffet at Round Table (though Pearl and Makayla don't eat pizza, Pearl LOVES salad bars...). She had a fruit tart from the grocery store as her birthday cake (I know, bad mom, nothing homemade...but she doesn't like FROSTING!!!! How am I supposed to work with that?) and really enjoyed her gifts. I must say, having a small party is awesome for presents. Three (well four, Tegan's sister brought one too) gifts not only takes little time to unwrap but assimilates well into a room already too full of toys! She loved all of her gifts, these girls know her well!

We had a fun time on our girl's day - how grateful I am that I got at least one girl! Love you, Pearl!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Daddy's gone...:(

Since Jared has been gone, the following things have happened...

1. His side of the bed has been taken over by a permanent monument to partially folded laundry.
2. Sam is pretty sure I need a boy to sleep with me and is happy to take the job.
3. Max slept 8 hours! (bless him!)
4. Pearl got the amazing discovery that when we Skype daddy in the morning, it's NIGHT! And when we Skype him at night it's DAY!
5. I actually took the trash out. (It was trash day. I had no choice)
6. One frozen meal, one leftover baby shower meal, and one real meal at my Mom's house.
7. As I am boycotting cooking, he, apparently, is boycotting shaving!
8. I can turn the heat up to like 65 and nobody complains.
9. Pearl has a new wiggly tooth.
10. Max latched on to his own arm and gave himself a hickey. Ouch!
11. The older kids have to take like 1 1/2 hour baths so I can clean the kitchen and get the baby to bed - they don't seem to mind, but the bathroom floor gets awfully wet.

We miss you, Daddy! Come home soon!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Seriously, can't you just see the mischief in his eyes? I love this little boy, I love it when he comes to snuggle with me at 5:30 in the morning, I love it when he asks me funny questions, I love it when he's convinced he can do anything all by himself.
Oh, life would just not be the same without my Sam!

The Greats

We are so blessed to live within walking distance of Jared's grandparents. When I tell Pearl to take something to Grandma's house, she usually wants clarification "do you mean great grandma or just regular grandma?" Great Grandpa and Grandma have the singular distinction of ALWAYS having cookies in their cookie jar, so the kids stop by often for a minute or two. It is a mutually beneficial relationship, as long as the cookies are consumed outside so Grandma doesn't end up with crumbs on their floor.
Last month was their 67th (correct me if I'm wrong, Sherry) wedding anniversary. Sam knew that Auntie Crystal had made a cake, and that it all had something to do with Great Grandpa. This is Sam asking Grandpa if the cake is at his house, and when do we get to eat it?

The kids got to help them blow out their "anniversary" candles. I think Pearl understood the concept, but Sam was pretty sure it was still a birthday cake!

Wow, 67 years with the same person. I even think they still like each other! They are a great example of how to be happy in a marriage and I feel blessed that we get to see them so often.