Sunday, March 28, 2010


I already cut his hair once... you know, to get rid of the wispys. But he's so cute with his ton of hair, I just haven't had the heart to cut it. But, the sideburns and back, well, they were looking kind of terrance-the-boy-fairyish.
Yup - very girly. Time to go.
Luckily Sherry is braver with the scissors than I. He was plenty distracted as long as I kept the camera clicking. He loves the camera, he'll smile right away when he sees it. So funny!

Mom, GIVE ME THE CAMERA!!!! I did let him chew on the straps after a while.
Yuck yuck yuck!
Hairy face!!!
Ahh, much better. He looks like a little boy now.
Yeah! No more fairy sideburns!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back to Weight Watchers

I've had a BAD attitude about dieting, but at some point I know I have to do it. I just needed a little something to push me over the edge... well Sam did that for me.

It was a rare occasion - I actually showered mid- morning. I know, by then, I usually just give up, but I've been trying to do things that will help make me feel more in control, thus the shower. I gave Sam my newly fixed iphone to play with to keep him busy.

Well, one of the "games" he plays is taking pictures. And, unbeknownst to me, he got me. Naked. In the shower. From like the top of my belly to mid thigh.

I found it the next day. I happened to click on pictures and I see this odd picture as the cover pic on the camera roll....WAIT A MINUTE, THAT'S MY NAKED LOWER HALF!!!! DELETE DELETE DELETE!!!!!

It wasn't pretty.

I started Weight Watchers again that day.

Thank you Sam. But you're not supposed to take pictures of people when they're naked.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Maxi's firsts

This past week, Max got to experience grass for the first time. At like 6:45 at night, no less, I LOVE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME (this is because I am solar powered.) He wasn't too impressed at first,
But he'll always smile for mommy! He has decided that he pretty much wants ME to take care of him (instead of grandmas or almost anyone else). Lovely. He likes to put his little cheek next to mine and wrap his little hand around my neck, which is adorable and almost makes up for the fact that he wants my attention 100% of the time!
It seems like he's growing up all of the sudden... in the past week or so, he's decided he only likes homemade baby food, and has begun to drink through a straw. He sits up well enough now to take a bath with Sam, which is all sorts of splashing good fun.
He doesn't need to be swaddled anymore, and has started taking longer and fewer naps (THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!). That is, as long as I do the two pacifier trick (one in the hand, one in the mouth, so he can throw one over the side...).
And, today, he got his first tooth!!!!!
Yes, Max, we're proud of you too!!! Just think of all the things you'll be able to eat now!

And yes, I do think we'll have to cut that hair very soon...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Funny things

I have so much I should be doing, but my kids are so funny today, I just have to write it down...

Sam (this morning as he was getting dressed) (in a tone of wonder, surprise, and even amazement) "Hey mom!!! I pooped air!!!!"

"yes Sam, it's called a toot and you're supposed to say excuse me"

"Oh, excuse me."

Later on the day, a new shipment of therapy toys came (my kids LOVE it when I order new therapy toys!) Keep in mind, these are therapy materials for the under three set, still, they must be cool (I ordered this and this, don't look at the prices, they ARE really cool and I will do LOTS of therapy with them:). So, this is how their play went...

Pearl: (holding the red bird) I'm feeling sad
Sam: (holding the yellow duck) Look! I can fly too!!!
P: Well, I'm just the only one who likes red in this village so I just don't fit in.
S: (in a reassuring tone) There's plenty of room in the village.

There you have it. They play SO WELL together, especially since they are 3 1/2 years apart. They both just accept the fact that they are playing very different games with the same toys. There seems to be just enough crossover to keep them at it.

Love love love these kids (even though they make messes and cause a TON of laundry:)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The only appropriate picture to add to this post would be the current state of my laundry room/master bath. I'll spare you all. Let me suffice it to say that a new washer and dryer are being delivered tomorrow and I am beginning to panic.

So, I hired a housekeeper today. We've been having this discussion for a while now, but I keep thinking oh, I can do it, oh, I can keep up, I'll just get the girls in the ward to help... well, they have, but it's just not enough. Jared keeps making noises like I'm working too much... well, now maybe that will stop. See, it's really a good use of resources. I work an hour and a half to pay for her to clean all day. No big deal, right? Then why do I feel like such a failure?

Oh well, I'm sure those feelings will leave the first time she comes and leaves the doors and baseboards and ceiling fans clean:) And, I might add, right after I hired her I felt so relaxed I played with Max for half an hour. That, my friends, is priceless.

Jared's Note:
This account is not entirely accurate. The correct statement is "Amy keeps making noises like she's working too much." I was most certainly not making noises. My part was simply to suggest that she backfill the time she spends working with services like housekeeping to reduce her stress level.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The last of the Disneyland Pictures

Ok you all are sick of hearing about our Disneyland vacation, but I just wanted to get these last pictures on the blog so they'll be in the family album.
Bumper cars - Pearl had to drive by herself. She was very focused at first! She turned in circles and got stuck a lot:)

Sword in the stone - yes Sam, you are really not supposed to be able to pull it out!

Waiting in line. I love this boy!
Me and the kids
They were so happy! We really did have a great time!
This is what I saw most of... the lineup. How I love these people!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Max's Disney Experience

We can't leave Max out... I promise only a few more Disney posts!

This is him in the Small World ride. I think it's safe to say it was his favorite. I'm pretty sure I have a picture similar to this of Sam at 10 months old... what is it about a dark boat ride with singing puppets?
Otherwise, he slept...
ate (was a bugger about nursing, though. Preferred food or juice. Stinker!)...
and chilled with Daddy (most of the time. I'm a wimp).
Hey, this baby carrier comes with it's own chew toy!!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Great Grandpa Rikalo

One thing I was so glad to do while we were down in LA was to visit my Grandpa Rikalo. He still lives in the same house I used to visit him in as a child, there are so many memories there! He lives in a little harbor town on top of a hill... the backyard was such a magical place for a child!
It's been a few years since I've seen him, it was great to get this picture. The only other picture I have with him and the kids was holding Pearl as a baby (as in, two weeks old).

The things I think of most when I think of my grandpa are hard work and frugality. He is such a hard worker! He most definitely passed that trait down to my mother, who is also a hard worker, and frugal as well. Having these traits modeled for me played a big part in the decision of who I chose to marry, as Jared's work ethic is one of the things I admire most about him (or at least try to when he's working late or roving the earth....)

I'm glad we got to see Grandpa. Pearl and Sam are named after his parents, but I didn't know them, I only know him, but I'm pretty sure they taught him well for him to have lived a life as he has. From what I hear, they weren't perfect (who is) but they were hard workers. Here's to hoping my children will carry that trait on to the next generation.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Max is 7 Months

We interrupt this vacation travelogue to announce that Max is now 7 months old!
We're still waiting on a lot of skills... his girl cousins are totally beating him at things like rolling over and scooting... We've been working on it the past few days since I haven't been feeling well I have had more patience to lay on the floor with him and roll back and forth. Now he gets from his tummy to his back consistently (at least!) Then, when he gets there, he kicks and kicks but it doesn't get him anywhere yet. Still working on it. I keep showing him to put his feet up to roll back over... baby steps.
He sits with a little bit of support or something engaging (like this toy) to keep him there.
He likes food. Well, he likes the baby food that I make, not so much a jarred baby food kind of kid. I have to say I think he has discriminating taste. Once or twice I have ground up dinner that we were having in the baby food grinder... we are entering that stage. He's a pretty good self feeder, especially his puffs.
He continues to be a happy ray of sunshine in our lives. He loves people and will give the biggest grin to ANYONE willing to look at him.
He ADORES his big sister and brother. Pearl is so helpful, playing with him, feeding him a bit, helping him sit up. He thinks Sam in just plain cool, and is happy to watch whatever it is he is doing.

We're so glad to have a Max!

Pixie Hollow

Last time Pearl went to Disneyland I waited in line for over 2 hours so she could meet the princesses. It was totally worth it then, and I thought since we did that last time we could skip it this time. She hardly ever even watches those movies anymore.

I was wrong.

She really wanted to meet the princesses again. So, we went at almost closing time, they were kind enough to let me keep the sleeping baby in the stroller with me and only had to wait like half an hour. She got to meet Tiana, Belle, Ariel, and Jasmine. It was alright. The pictures didn't turn out as great as I had hoped, they had some funky lights that kept a shadow on the princesses's faces so my usual trick of not using the flash to get a better picture didn't work. She liked it, I was glad we could make her happy.

It was nothing compared to our visit to Pixie Hollow.

She was really excited to see the fairies. It's so hard to get a picture of her with a good smile, she's such a cheese, but she really was excited about this!

Ok, I had to put this picture in... so many little girls were there with their fairy outfits and their perfectly coiffed hair... and there was Pearl. I actually did make an attempt to put her hair up at least, but the rubber bands kept coming loose... so, she went as she usually is.

Just look at that! She was pretty sure Silvermist was the coolest. And, I have to say, she was. She spent the most time talking to Pearl, asking her where she flew in from, telling her she thought her pigtails must be fairy wings... Pearl totally ate it up!

After Silvermist, Tink was pretty cool too. She was very satisfied when we left, that she had hung with some real fairies:)

Oh, what a magical place for a little girl!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mission - DESTROY ZURG!!!!!

Oh, where to begin.... first of all I wanted to say that I really didn't take VERY many pictures, you know, trying to enjoy the moment instead of becoming paparazzi. Plus the camera was heavy! So, anyway, I'm going to post them in a series that each tells a different part of our trip - sorry if this is boring to you, but it's pretty much my journal so I'm going to write whatever I want:)

The very first ride we went on was the new toy story ride in California Disney - midway mania.

It's pretty fun. You put on these 3D glasses and shoot targets and stuff like at a carnival.
Sam was a big fan. However, as much as I thought this would be his favorite ride, it wasn't.
Apparently midway games are not violent enough. Now, shooting lasers to defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg, well, that's just plain cool.
This was his mostest very favoritest ride - Astro Blasters. He went on 10 times. That's right, TEN. Luckily, we practically walked on almost every time.
We sent the kids in their own car a few times... lucky the fate of the universe does not rest with them!
I thought I was doing pretty good, you know, over 100,000 points! Then I looked at Jared's score. (sigh). And he had the baby that time, so that totally wasn't my excuse. He was also the one that showed me you could spin your car (after I had been on 3 times!)
Poor Sam. The whole second day he was running a fever, but the kid just kept going without complaint. We just kept giving him Tylenol and he would make it through. He did NOT want to miss out on more Astro Blasters! That day was the day we took a break in the middle to visit Grandpa Rikalo and ended up back at the park until closing (another post). This was him at 10:00 that night, trying desperately to stay awake to watch an episode of Muppets season 2 (I sent Jared to Target... yup, that's the kind of thing he comes back with...) AND play with his laser gun.
We laid him down and turned the TV off to put him out of his misery shortly after that.
More tomorrow!