Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pearl is brave in the water too...

Ok, this is HUGE for her... she likes to talk big about how she's going to put her face in the water, then usually backs out (like, won't even get in the pool).  Today, we pretty much ignored her, and this is what she decided to do (I thought she should have been at least a little ashamed that the 3 year olds were swimming and she wasn't...)  She did actually swim to the side once, and I got some pictures.  She decided she wasn't going to do THAT again, because if someone wanted to see it, they could just look at the pictures... at least we have proof for dad!

Sammy Swims

Sam is pretty sure he knows how to swim.  He does great, except for the coming up for air thing.  Today he learned to swim to the side and find the ledge, which is a major accomplishment.  The only problem is that he's FEARLESS, and jumps with such joy and abandon... whether someone is there to catch him or not...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More expensive...

When Jared got me my camera, I had him convinced that it was the most reasonably priced option to do what I wanted...well, apparently, it's going to cost more than we thought, what with the extra flash, new lens, phototography class, and the MAC:)

Farmer Jared

Jared borrowed the neighbor's tractor.  I think he likes it.  He sure looks like a true farmer.  Plus, it runs on diesel.  How cool is that?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sammy turns "FREE!!!"

We had Sam's third birthday party at the park this year. We were lucky with terrific weather and an almost empty park! Pearl and I got Sam new sand toys, complete with a bag to put them in - we're gearing up for the beach house!

He specifically requested an Elmo Birthday party hat, because that's what we had at Lizzie's birthday party a few months ago. After all, what's a birthday without an elmo party hat?

His Grandma Weir got him a big boy bike!!! He really liked riding Lizzie's. So far, he's figured out the brake pretty good.

He did a really good job this year blowing out his own candles. He requested "brown cupcakes with green frosting" - so that's what he got!

The next day we had ANOTHER party at Grandma Hulbert's house, where he got a WALL-E robot from grandma and a huge marble works from his dad - both were a big hit.

We love having Sam in our family! He can always make us smile, and I am so blessed that he is SO mellow and good natured. Of course, he has his moments, but much of the time is content to be a good kid. I look forward to all the independence being three will bring him, like preschool, which I know he will love. Happy Birthday, Sam!!

Sam's version of "listening"

"Sam, don't touch that. I said, don't touch that!"

"I'm not touching it. I'm just feeling it."

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kindergarden Graduation

So, Friday was Pearl's last day as a Kindergardener! She is so proud of the fact that she is now a first grader!!! She learned some amazing things this year, like she can now read Amelia Bedelia (which I LOVED as a child) almost all by herself. She can even do some simple subtraction, and has addition down fairly well. She learned that snacks should be healthy, and she made lots of friends. The secretary told me that she once came to her in tears, saying "I have so many friends, I just don't know who to play with!" We are looking forward to a nice summer of sleeping in (yeah right, miss has to be dragged out of bed at 7:15 on school days got up at 6:45 today...) and not having to go so many places! She'll probably be bored out of her mind and ready to go back to school before too long!

Waving to her dad and grandma in the back.
Seriously, isn't she so pretty?!

Pearl and Mrs. Dyer, her teacher

And we got to go without Sam! Yahoo! That meant Pearl had all the attention for a whole hour that day!

I sure love this little girl! What a blessing she is in our family!
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Great Grandparents

These are Jared's grandparents, the first of the four Hulbert generations that live on the property with us. Lora needed a picture of them, I couldn't resist putting these on the blog so we can have them in our family album. The kids LOVE to go knock on their door, knowing that they will be able to pick a cookie out of a jar. We are so lucky to have them so close, so they only have to take the kids in small doses:) They are such a great example of working hard and being happy. We love them!

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Songs and Smores

Pearl was a little jealous of the father and son's campout at our place this weekend, but we got to make up for it by going to a girl scout activity Saturday night. Lots of girl scouts in the area attended, and it was her first time with silly campfire songs. She loved roasting marshmallows and sitting around the campfire!
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Build a Bear

So, Pearl's days as a Daisy scout will soon be the end of this month, she will participate in a bridging ceremony that will make her a Brownie scout. We absolutely love our troop and leader, and the whole troop is moving up together, which will be so much fun!

This year, the girls decided to take their cookie sales proceeds and bulid a bear. It started when the leader said that there is a girl scout uniform for the bears, how cute is that? Unfortunately, when faced with frilly pink dresses to choose from, there was no contest. None of the girls chose the Daisy vest.
The girls each had a certian amount of money to spend, so they had to choose a cheaper animal if they wanted more clothes, it was really good for them to learn to figure that out. They all seemed happy with their choices, even the girl who got the really cool panda bear, but then only had money left for underwear...
Pearl's bear is named Kelsey, and she is actually a puppy and Pearl's new best friend. I couldn't stand it, so I just ordered her a Daisy vest to wear over her little outfit Pearl picked, the store gave each girl a patch for their uniform and one for the bear... who could resisit that?
Sammy was the only tagalong...poor kid. He really wants to be a girl scout too. He keeps asking if he can be one, and I told him he can be a boy scout. "And wear a uniform?" Yes, Sam. "A dark blue one?" Actually, yes, Sam! Luckily, his mom found a cupon, so he got to build a bear (well, a turtle) too, though most of the experience was spent strapped in his stroller watching a movie on the ipod. It's funny to watch him grow up, he wants to be like Pearl, and when she has friends over, he so desperately wants to play their games! He'll have to be a big boy soon enough, I guess.
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Super Dad

Ok, everyone knows how I like to complain that my husband is ALWAYS at work. Seriously, if your husband is in school and you think it will get better...well, sometimes it doesn't. To be fair, I know he is working really hard, and his company is international so he spends a couple evenings a week on the phone with just still puts me in a bad mood when he doesn't come take care of the kids at a decent hour (we're talking like by 7, I consider that a good night). The other thing that makes me cranky is he is supposed to take 13 WEEKS of vacation this year, well, we're almost halfway through, and he just took his 3RD DAY today. Anyways, I planned a lunch with the girls (my two very good friends Tami and Kelly) and he volunteered to babysit ALL of our kids! That's right, that meant 3 boys under the age of 3 for lunch, then taking the 2 year olds with him to pick up the girls. I had a fabulous, relaxing time, and the kids all survived the experience. He was super proud because he cooked eggs, chicken and soba noodles for lunch. I was thinking mac and cheese or peanut off. Thanks honey, you paid back a large amount of your debt today!
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Uncle Tim's Frog

Uncle Tim caught a frog on Mother's day at Grandma Weir's house. Sam thought this was immediately cool, and studied it intently.

Pearl was terrified, but I think it was mostly just for show. We finally won her over (what I think really did it was that Lizzie held the frog...not so great to be upstaged by your 3 year old cousin....) and she happily "played with nature." It's good for her:)

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Uncle Jared and the Jacobsen Girls

So, as far as Uncles and Aunts go in our family, Jared and I are pretty much the mean ones. You know, the ones that take the tape away from Jack (though we all agree it needs to be done, of course, I have to do it) as he runs to Mara for comfort, or the strict ones or whatever. Lizzie, however, seems to have decided that Uncle Jared IS cool, especially because one of his favorite games is to sit and let the kids tackle him. She's even figured out how to growl back at him. Looks like with Lizzie won over, Katie will follow suit...

Holding the frog that Uncle Tim caught

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Temporary Insanity

I was bored on Saturday. Jared decided to go to work with his Dad, and the house was clean...what was I going to do with myself and the kids all day? I know, lets make strawberry jam!!!
So, two full flats (24 baskets) of strawberries and six packages of pectin later...It's actually easier than it sounds. All you have to do is:
crush 4 cups of berries...

mix them with pectin packet and 1 1/2 cup sugar for 3 minutes...

then ladle into freezer safe containters.

The jam is really good. I ran out of pectin before I ran out of strawberries (should have bought 8 packets, oh well), but I think I made enough jam...except that we've gone through about 2 cups of it in the past few days...maybe I didn't make enough...

Clean up was fast - with an empty dishwasher it was less than 5 minutes to put the two bowls, one knife, one spoon, and one ladle in and wipe down the sink - MUCH cleaner than applesauce, see, I'm not SO crazy...

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Why do we have Mother's Day?

I'll tell you why. When I try to look down at the floor this is what I see. A full year of sleepless nights. The inability to bend over. You'd better bet we deserve a holiday for going through this!! So, next time you see your mother, make sure you thank her, because being pregnant is NOT FUN!!!!! Most definetly falls under the sacrifice category...then there's potty training, school lunches, countless graduations... and that's just in the first 6 years:) Heck, mothers deserve a month long holiday!
P.S. I really do love being a mom. I just love some parts less than others...
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It feels like summer this weekend, with the temps in the 80's. Ok, not a Sacramento summer, but close enough. The cousins came up yesterday and we celebrated with...
water guns and wading pools...
chocolate chip cookies...
and, of course, root beer! Great fun was had by all, and long naps were taken afterwards:)
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