Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Potty Chair

Ruby is TINY.  So so small, she weighs less than her four month old cousin.  Still, she's almost two, but she's small and she's the baby so I forget.

We recently revised her PT goals to include grading for getting on and off the potty chair.  So, Miss Pat was coming Monday, so I grudginly got out the chair.  I hate potty training.

Day one... loves the potty.  I knew she would.  She's been trying to sit on the dolly potty chair for a while now.  I put her on after nap and she went right away.  Then, when Daddy came home she sat down to show him and went AGAIN.  Magic.

Yesterday we went potty after naps, she usually wakes up dry so I know I can get her then.  She was proud.

This morning I was working out when she woke up, so no potty chair.  She ate breakfast, hung out for a bit, then came to me and said "potty chair."  Her diaper was pretty full, so I didn't have high hopes, but I left her there for a bit.  I was in the kitchen when she came out of the bathroom and said "potty" and, lo and behold, she POOPED IN THE POTTY CHAIR.

Crossing my fingers that this is a trend that continues... so proud of my little girl!  Now, my biggest problem will be finding underwear small enough for her!