Wednesday, May 16, 2012


As of today I am officially a lifetime member of weight watchers AT GOAL WEIGHT!!!!  Now, to be honest, I set my goal at the top of my range, my personal goal is another 15 pounds or so, but being at the top of my range is a huge accomplishment nonetheless.  I have lost 36.6 pounds, and now have a BMI of 25.  I think that's the thing I'm the proudest of... I am feeling so healthy!  I have more energy for my kids, my house, and my life.  I can run for four miles without stopping.  And, hopefully, I have developed these healthy habits that will last for life and be passed down to my children.  Already, Max and I are running buddies, and Sam put on his mothers day card to me that his favorite thing to do with me is to go for a run.  So happy to be sharing all of this with my family.  Go team weight watchers!!!!


An unfortunate diaper incident left Max with only this on at church this week... I did get some chippendale comments.  It just seemed wrong to leave him totally naked when I had his tie in my hand.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Spelling bee

I got to take Pearl's school team to the spelling bee today. They didn't win but they worked hard and had fun. Pearly didn't miss any words:)) so proud of her!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


I hate before pictures.  (I guess I'm pretty negative today...) I usually don't want to remember what I looked like 30 pounds ago, and I really don't want to remember what I looked like while I was pregnant.  But, with the last 20 pounds to go, I thought it would be good for me to get a before picture as we start our ten week half marathon training next week.

The plan is to run a total of 195.1 miles over the next ten weeks.  If that doesn't knock of at least 10 of my remaining pounds, I'll cry.  

It all started with Annie... I'll get a picture with her on Monday when we meet to run.  She's been runnning for years, and since I started jogging right around my 35th birthday, she decided we needed to sign up for a half marathon now that she had someone to do it with.  Sisterly peer pressure also got Mara on board.  Then, I talked Tami into it.  We had our last babies together and have been doing weight watchers together for over six months now.  Along with kickboxing and meeting to walk regularly.  Running was just the next step for both of us, I'm lucky to have a friend to go through all of this with.
Once we signed up, our husbands (not wanting to be outdone, or to have wives that look so much better than them that people wonder what's up with THAT couple...) joined the party.   Though Wes did say tonight, that he thinks he's going to have to start running more than once a week... we're totally going to kick their rears:)
We've started a family night run... which tonight, consisted of Sherry and Tami's mom watching the kids at a park while we did our run and then had a picnic dinner.  Mara and her crew joined us tonight, I think it's shaping up to be a fun tradition.  Though, it may not work for the 10, 11, and 12 mile nights, because we'll be running for a couple of hours.  Wow, when I say it like that, I really do think I'm crazy!

It really has been fun so far... we'll see how the training goes:)

Potty Training

I hate potty training.  Really.  But, we used the last diaper, so here goes...

The tally so far today (it's only 1:20) is:

Potty in the appropriate recepticle: 3 (wahoo!!!)
Wet underwear: 2
Wet pullup: 1
Really disgusting pullup and massive cleanup: 1

Not looking so good.  We're not even 50/50 yet.  Did I mention that I hate potty training?

At least this time around I have some help:)