Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baby News

Jared thinks I should include a picture of my belly. I'm pretty sure I want no recollection of just how HUGE I was with this baby. Some things are better left to the imagination. Suffice it to say that the receptionist noticed a change in my size in the 5 days since my last Dr's appointment, and the Dr says this will be my biggest baby. She's predicting 8 1/2 pounds, a pretty significant change from my largest so far, which was 7 lbs 1 oz. I sure hope she still comes out in one push!

So... not much going on still. I'm 50% effaced, 1 1/2 cm dialated, but the baby is hanging out so high up, the Dr had a hard time finding her heartbeat and had to get the ultrasound machine out to make sure she was still head down. So, even though my body is trying to be in labor, if baby doesn't cooperate, it's a no go. Stinker. I did get an eviction date, October 7th, which is a relief. After my last appointment, this was the soonest I could have hoped for. So, now we're mere days (well, like 10, which is better than two weeks...) away from a certian end, maybe I can relax and be patient. Maybe. The Dr kept saying she hopes I go on my own, and I certianly do too, but it feels better knowing that there IS an end to this, because I'm not counting on this baby ever wanting to leave. Maybe it's a foreshadowing of things to come... she will be the youngest. Either she's really stubborn or she's a homebody. I keep trying to tell her that it's great out here... maybe she fears change (which may be a genetic trait...). Oh well, I guess I'll just keep thinking of crazy projects to get done so we can just relax when she finally makes an appearance!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

More nesting...

So, I've pretty much accepted the fact that it will probably be another two weeks (that's the soonest my Dr will induce). So, the nesting is in full gear. Cleaned out the pantry this morning, headed to the fridge next. As I recall, with Pearl, when I finally decided she wasn't coming yet, I pressure washed the porch. Tempting. Maybe when it's not quite so hot. I'm sure I'll be happy all these projects were done before she gets here... though as I recollect, I tend to do crazy things after the baby because I finally feel like a person again. Maybe it's not nesting, maybe it's just my brand of insanity.

Friday, September 23, 2011


I went to the Dr today. What's going on? A whole lot of NOTHING. She is way too cozy in there. Dr tried to massage/strip my membranes, and I'm so long that she couldn't reach the sac. Nice. What's that about the last shall be first and the first shall be last... maybe the last baby will be my first experience with going overdue. Lovely. Well, that should certianly cement her "last child" status, maybe that's what she's going for. I'll truthfully be ok as long as she comes BEFORE Sherry leaves for Michigan... I just don't trust Gary to get Sam and Pearl ready for school, and I doubt he wants to take Max appraising with him. Though Max might think it's a party:)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Random thoughts

My hospital is on strike today. So, I can't have the baby. Contractions all day yesterday, so I took baths, laid down, and in general tried to prevent labor. Now it's noon, and they baby has to wait until 7 am tomorrow at least, so it's another lounge around day. I'm kind of annoyed. At this point, I should be jumping on trampolines to get her OUT, not holding her IN because of a bunch of stupid nurses who are sympathy striking even though they HAVE a current contract.

This nesting thing is getting out of control. Today I finished her Christmas stocking. Seriously, I have nothing left to do. I think I'll take a nap.

Last night, as he was going to bed, Sam called us in for a great discovery. "Dad, I know what 3 times 4 is!!! It's 12!" That's right Sam, how did you know that? "Because Monster Mash has 4 feet and three toes each!" I'm not sure that Pearl is understanding that concept yet (in fact, I know she's not, because I have to help her with her math homework every day). How can a child be so brilliant, and yet so spacey at the same time? The other day, I caught him trying to put his shoes on FIRST while getting dressed, as in buck naked, no socks, and we think the SHOES come FIRST?!?!?!

I found my flash. It was on the windowsill behind my desk for the whole month I was looking for it, and then for another 3 weeks after I ordered the new one. Maybe Sam gets his spaciness from me.

If you ask Max where the baby is, he'll happily lift my shirt to show you. If you ask him if he wants a baby, he most definitely says no. Pretty smart of him:)

Now we just wait... tomorrow, baby. Tomorrow would be a good day.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

He Man

Soooo.... the wig was a big no-go. I was waiting for the wig to do real pictures, but it's kind of shiny, and even after we cut it it looks really girly. And it itches. So, no cool 80's bob for He Man. If I do say so, his costume did turn out pretty awesome anyway. Still working on the sword attachment, and closer to Halloweeen I'll take better pictures, but you get the idea...
He's so dang scrawny the muscle suit makes me giggle EVERY TIME he tries it on. It's pretty much awesome:)
Yeah, totally the master of the universe, right?!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


No, I haven't cleaned up the office yet. Instead, I spent the morning working on Pearl's She-Ra accessories. I was waiting for her leotard and skirt to come in the mail, so I didn't think I'd be able to finish it today, but, as a plesant surprise, our nice mailman delivered them to us at 10:00 this morning, so I was able to finish the whole thing (which, if you know me, makes me SO HAPPY, I love it when a project is DONE!!!).

The real She-Ra (see below) is somewhat skanky. She's also very gold with lots of wings. Sam thought that if he was getting a muscle shirt, that I should order Pearl some boobies. No. Not a chance.
So, not only did I have to make it modest, but Pearl already has these silver boots she picked out to wear this year... so as not to let an opportunity go to waste, we went for a silver She-Ra. I figure, nobody really remembers what she looks like, right? So, she's minus the wings and the skank, and here's our version!
I probably should have made the cape a little bit longer and fuller... but guess what, it's done, and I just don't care, and Pearl thinks it's great!
I'm not sure where to put the sword... seriously, She Ra has no clothes, where on earth does she keep her scabbard? I think Pearl will just have to carry it, but I promised her we'd glue a jewel to it.
Now we're just waiting for Sam's muscle shirt! I made the shorts already, he says they're not short enough (He Man wears booty shorts) but I reminded him that we're trying to be modest...

Friday, September 9, 2011


Did you know that Netflix is streaming season one of He-Man? I totally remember that show. Apparently, it was 1983, and I was very impressionable. I didn't remember much about it, except for the "I HAVE THE POWER" and that He-Man was COOL. Sam is in love. Then Pearl watched She-Ra, Princess of Power. Now she's hooked. So, the kids decided they wanted to be He-Man and She-Ra for Halloween. Yeah, take a look at them some time. They totally have no clothes on. Wish me luck!

So, Max gets to be Orko. I didn't think he'd really care, I tried giving him Pearl's old black witch hat, but he threw it on the ground and said "RED." Apparently, he likes He-Man too. Orko is He-Man's sorcerer friend... here he is:
And this is our version:

I am especially proud of the hat. I love the hat! It fits him perfectly and it's extra stiff so the brim stays out of his eyes. And the ears are adorable:)
He wore it tonight as soon as it was finished, he wanted to wear it to bed, but I vetoed that one. He knows Orko does magic, so he walks around wiggling his fingers and making "magic" sounds. Pretty dang adorable if you ask me! And I JUST realized that the O is supposed to be black, not white... I'll have to fix that tomorrow.
So, here's my crazy for the day:) My office is a MESS, and I'm about 30 seconds away from being declared full term (37 weeks tomorrow!!!) I think I'll clean the office in the morning. Hopefully, she doesn't come tonight. Yeah! One costume down, two to go!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I think it's possible I may be pregnant forever. At least, that's what it feels like.

Friday, September 2, 2011

School Pictures 2011

Little Max... just the past few weeks I've realized he's not so little anymore. He's talking up a storm, and has his own little ideas and jokes, just like a real person. He joined in on the photo shoot, and I'm pretty sure I think he's the cutest two year old around:)

Sammy... kindergartener. He's looking so much older to me this year. He's reading like a champ (we're hoping his writing catches up...) and enjoying school - especially recess!

Pearl - she's in third grade this year. So far, it's a LOT of homework, and she works hard every day after school, with homework, piano lessons, and taekwondo. She's getting so big to me, she'll be nine soon! What a great big sister she is, I'm lucky to have her as my oldest, she helps me out so much!
And, it's a relief to see that yes, her teeth will eventually fit in her mouth!

Check that off my list! One more thing I got done before baby gets here. I keep thinking, now I'm ready, she'll come... well, now I'm REALLY ready! Come, come!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Getting Ready

I have a hard time getting ready for babies. I think I'm forever scarred by the loss of my second. I was, of course, ultra organized and prepared, and I think one of the hardest things I have ever done was to pack up the crib and all the baby things after coming home from the hospital. In fact, it's one of the first things I did when I walked in... I think I slept for an hour or two, then could not do anything else until all sign of baby was erased.

At some point, though, you just have to get ready. I'm not sure why it was easier with Max than it is this time... maybe because I was just getting hand me downs out of the attic, and this time, I've had to buy all new things... I've still only washed two outfits and one set of onesies and one blanket, I just can't take the tags off... but enough of my crazy.

So, this week I decided there were some things that just HAD to be done... as an act of faith if nothing else. I think I was spurred on by seing my friend Tami's nursery (if you know her, ask her to post pictures, you'll see why my guilt spiraled into overdrive after seeing her PERFECT nursery...) This whole time, I've been in temporary mode... the babies are going to be together for just two years until Ruby is ready for a toddler bed, then that room will be the boy room and I'll have to re-do everything. I didn't even buy a dresser when I was getting things set up in there, because when the boys move in, I'll have Gary custom build me another bunk with storage, so they get tacky rubbermaid drawers:) And, it's painted snot green. Very boyish, kind of hard to think "nursery" when you're thinking "snot," but I like that color with the boy's bedding so I wasn't about to re-paint.

So, it started with one pink sheet. I wasn't even going to do a crib skirt, because they were all expensive and really needed a motif which I have no energy for. I also really struggled with what to put over the blank wall, because I don't like to put anything that would kill the baby if it fell (you know, heavy picture frames, books, etc.) So, I went for functional. My favorite things that I have bought have been her dresses, but I really have no place to hang them (or anything else, for that matter... remember, no closets). So after a trip to target where I found a bedskirt I liked (in full, I cut it down) and a curtian rod and some nice infant hangars, here we have it...
I'm still waiting for Jared to put her letters up above the dresses, but I really like how it turned out. I'm really more one for function than decor, but I think this combines it all nicely.
One of the other things that went up yesterday was the new crib mobile. It was a very freeing thing when as I was looking at them I realized I'm not having any more kids, so I can choose the girl flavor of everything with no guilt... it won't have to be passed down (well, at least not to another of my children). So, she gets a new pink mobile. Max has been busy trying everything out, we've had a lot of "goo goo ga ga" going on this morning.
My favorite part was when he brought his pillow and blankie into my room and insisted on getting set up in the co-sleeper (which I set up to check sizes and such, luckilly, no large re-arrangements will be necessary). He then requested books, a water bottle, and some fruit snacks and spent a very happy 20 minutes pretending to be a baby:)
Now at least I can say that I put some effort into her arrival:)