Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten

Today was officially Max's first day of Kindergarten.  I had to commemorate with some pictures.  And a blog post.  It's that big of a deal.  
I was probably worried most about homeschooling Max this year.  The other kids had a chance to go to school, to make friends, to learn what that is all about.  Max got preschool, but he's not going to get public school… at least not now.  As I prayed about it, though, I got very strong confirmation that this is what is best for my family.  So here goes!

The other kids fist day of kinder pictures look oh so different from this poor orphan child.  He got himself dressed while I frantically showered between his math and Sam's.  He's wearing a long sleeved shirt in 95 degree weather, the favorite pair of orange shorts handed down from Sam that have no waistband and keep falling off his little bum and my personal favorite...

Yes, that would be socks and spiderman flipflops.  He needs a haircut and his feet are permanently dirty, no matter how hard we scrub.  (like the sandwich on the floor?  Yeah, I left that in so all you other moms can feel good about yourselves.  Keeping it real:)  I let him pick out a backpack, he picked the only ugly one that pottery barn even makes… but I don't really care because not many people will see it.  It's really for those rare days when we have to do school on the go (or on the run!).  

Here's the thing though… he's already 1/4 way through his kindergarten reading curriculum.  His math skills are pretty good, so we're doing 2-3 days worth per day, he'll be doing first grade math by March at this pace.  He loves feeling so smart, he can't wait to read as good as Sam so he can hang with his big brother.  He's pleased as punch that he doesn't have to leave for preschool, but asks to do more work all day long (even when I say PLEASE, just go PLAY with RUBY!!!  I have 6th grade math to do!!!)  He's happy as a clam… so I can't feel too sorry for him.  His little friend from church is in his taekwondo class now, and some more little Max-sized boys joined our co-op.  Yeah, not such a bad deal.  So, as far as a first day of kindergarten, not too shabby.  Awesome for me, I didn't have to put a backpack on my baby and send him away for 1/2 of his waking hours.  Win.  

Ruby didn't want to be left out.  So here she is:)  She's still cute:)

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Mary L. said...

Amy, your children are blessed with the best teacher in the whole, wide world! I can't imagine anyone else teaching them with the love and skill that you do. Have fun!