Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day

Yes, I know, I'm finally getting around to Christmas pictures. Still feeling guilty I never posted any thanksgiving ones, but oh well!!
This is all the kids waiting to go upstairs to see what Santa got them. I think the kiddos were a bit under the weather this year, because Pearl started crying about how she just wanted breakfast (I think her stomach was hurting), so we all had oatmeal before we checked out our goodies. Which was just as well, we didn't have to emerge from the toy mess upstairs for quite a while!
Max got a leap frog spinny toy from Santa that he absolutely loves. The concentration on his little face as he bats it to make it spin and sing is adorable!
He also got a new bug and firefly from Sam and Pearl. By this point (about 3 presents in) he was ready to go down for a nap. So was I, but I didn't get to!
Sam got his own Wii remote (which he was under-impressed with until we played a few games), a playmobil pirate set, a batman toy, some blocks, and an assortment of "cool" things from the dollar store purchased by Pearl.
Here he is modeling his new towel from PBK. Max got the bear and Pearl got the kitty.
Setting up the Wii. They got the hang of it later. The Wii fit is for me, I just tried it this morning and I really did like it. The kids were pretty good about playing with me or on their own, either way I actually got a workout in!
Pearl's pearl necklace from Santa (I think Santa might have gone to China to get it, Daddy saw one just like it when he was over there...) She also got her own remote and a selection of dollar store toys from Sam. Apparently that shopping trip was the highlight of their vacation.
And, her favorite, a whole set of littlest pet shop toys. Oh, the fun Sam and Pearl had with those that day! They've actually been playing together a LOT and taking turns sleeping together in each other's beds. It makes me happy to see them be such good friends!

It was a fun Christmas. The children loved playing together and we loved having all sorts of family near by. We truly are blessed!

Max is 5 Months

I know, five months already? Where does the time go!!!
Max continues to be a sweet baby. His favorite things to watch are still Sam and Pearl - I think they will always be the most entertaining part of his life. Pearl especially responds to his ready smile whenever he sees her. "He must just love me," she says. Yes, Pearl, I think he does!
We are still so proud of his few chubby thigh rolls, I know only moderately impressive, but hey, I'm Pearl and Sam's mom... I'll take whatever chubs I can get!
What a smiley boy! He still only naps for 45 minutes at a time (which is not my favorite) but he goes down pretty well, and still sleeps pretty good at night (gets up a few times to eat, but goes right back to sleep.) He also goes to bed at 7, which absolutely saves me!
Among his new skills are sitting up better in his bumbo chair (especially with the tray on), getting really good at playing with toys, and his most often used skill, rubbing his eyes. Thus the small scabs all around that area. I swear, I do cut his fingernails... He has also been known to get his soothie back into his own mouth on occasion - a skill I highly encourage!
I know, I complained a lot about being fat and pregnant, but just look at that face!!! Totally worth it.

Peter's Engaged!!!

My baby brother got engaged this week. We've been waiting for a while (us sisters got to pick out the ring in like October) and are so excited that Roxy is going to be part of the family! So, sometime this summer we'll be headed to the midwest to see them get married. Yeah! Now our extended family is complete - we're all accounted for! And I'm sure Peter will be glad to not be the only unmarried sibling anymore:)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Simple Pleasures

One of the simple pleasures in my life is matching sweaters for my boys to wear to church. Come on, aren't they adorable!!! The only problem is that Max keeps growing out of his outfits faster than Sam... Heaven forbid I ever have 3 boys!!!! What will I do then?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bethlehem Play

Oh, faithful readers, I know you have been waiting with bated breath for the pictures of our family nativity play... well, you need wait no longer!

We did the play at my mom's house on Christmas Eve. Everything was ready as soon as we walked in the door...
Jack the shepherd was already dressed and having a snack while he was waiting for his flock. (I made the costume, don't look too closely, but from far away it's fabulous and I spent like 15 minutes on it!)
Jared helped Sam get ready. Sam's costume is a real saudi outfit brought home to Jared by his dad from a business trip when he was a little boy. Now, Sam gets to wear it, and I'm sure it will continue to get much use as the grandkids continue to grow. You know, I make fun of Sherry for keeping so many random things, but I'm really glad she hung onto this one.
Ok, I know these pictures are focused on our wise men (we hung a wise men blanket, we didn't have enough actors) instead of Joseph and Mary, but they were just so funny. I have no idea what they were laughing at, but they sure were happy!
I think they really do love each other! Mary was very sweet and reverent with baby Jesus. Joseph poked his eyeballs out.
Pearl, oh Pearl, she was a beautiful angel, but it is so hard to get a good picture of her anymore! What a pose!
And, the sheep. I think it's safe to assume they had no idea what was going on... which made them pretty appropriate sheep, actually.
And cousin Mara... so cute. If you see her walking around in New York in her hat, you'll know it's definitely my niece!
I was so sad this pic was out of focus... I was in a rush, I had just missed Katie pulling off her hat (again!!!!). Next she went for baby Mara's hat... apparently she didn't feel it was appropriate apparel!!!
And baby Scott, the best Donkey. Good thing the kids didn't realize that Mary was actually supposed to ride him!
Great fun was had by all, the entire thing lasted 3 minutes and 45 seconds (that includes both an opening and closing song), Pearl loved watching the video. I think she's satisfied with her efforts to "bring peace to the earth." Her other tactic, which included following the preschoolers around and lecturing them about how they're not supposed to think about presents, but about baby Jesus, I think did not have as good of an effect as the play!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Max and Maya

The cousins are in town!!! We decided to do a shoot of Maya in Pearl's pink room with a tutu, and Max had to get in on the action...
More pics to come, I'm sure!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It happened...

Sam put a stuffed bird on one of his fan blades (which are highly accessible from his new bunk bed) then turned the fan on to see it fly. That only took a week.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Must be Santa...

We went to see the REAL Santa at the ward christmas party last night. How did we know he was real? Well, he knew the kid's names, and he spent a few minutes with each one - just like Santa would! Santa loves kids! So, he must have been the REAL THING!!!
Listen to Santa - he says to be good (at least until Christmas)... Look at that smile - she knows she's been good, can't wait to see what the reward is...
I want a lamp for my desk and some Webkinz.
Listening intently... look it's the REAL SANTA!!!
I want a red video game and a yo-yo.
Oh yeah, I'm a good boy. Just look at my innocent face!
Ooh, a toy from Santa!!!
Ok, why did you just put me here?
Seriously people, I have no idea what's going on.
Ok, whatever!

Friday, December 18, 2009

When I grow up...

"I'm going to grow up and SEW by MYSELF. I'm going to DRIVE"

"Is that all, Sam?"

"I'm going to get BAPTIZED."

Oh, the things he has to look forward to...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bethlehem play "teaser"

I should have been doing a lot of things this afternoon - I have 3 clients, a girl scout campfire, and a ward party tomorrow, all of which could have used some preparation today. But no. I have been under a lot of pressure from Pearl to make the costumes for the Bethlehem Play, so that's what I did.
Here's Max modeling the sheep costume. I know, adorable, right! I also did a shepherd costume for Jack, and did a sparkly angel cape for Pearl. Thank goodness Mom had a Mary costume and Sherry had a Joseph costume (a real Saudi Arabian outfit Gary got on travel over there when Jared was a little older than Sam... it's perfect!). Here are the hats for the rest of the babies.
The donkey is my favorite. I sincerely hope they all fit their respective owners. I think we might have to have a "dress rehearsal" when I go over for Sunday dinner. The hats actually were very easy, now that I know what I'm doing (after the Halloween sizing fiasco). Sherry's thinking I might have to make hats for Maya and Jared's cousin's children (well, the older girl will probably have to be Mary...). I sense a tradition coming on...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Nephew!

Another new nephew! This makes 5 new nieces and nephews for me this year! This is Scott, Annie and Tim's new baby, born yesterday.
Is he not adorable! I got to spend an hour or so with him and Annie in the hospital, and she let me take pictures. We think he pretty much looks just like his dad and brother - which means he'll be a good looking kid!

Sweet, sweet baby parts!
I actually finished her blanket today (yes, the day after the baby was born, nothing like an actual birth to spur one onward...). It turned out pretty cute, Tim is happy because it's all about his favorite sports team, apparently we'll be indoctrinating Scott at a very young age...
Congratulations! We're so excited for another new baby in the family (and so relieved he made it in time to play the donkey...phew!)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Pearl's Play

Pearl's first grade class recently put on the play "the little red hen." I'll spare you the video. Below is a picture of two of her best friends in school right after the play.

This production has sparked a dramatic desire in Pearl. She tried to put on a play with her cousins, but the three year olds didn't understand things like "backstage" and darn it they just wouldn't read their parts.

However, she is "planning up a Bethlehem play" because she wants to "bring peace to the earth." We went to Wal Mart today to get some fabric for the costumes. "Oh, Mom, thank you so much for understanding how special this Bethlehem play is to me." Hopefully all of the cousins will behave. She has very generously give the part of Mary to Lizzie, though she says that if she were Mary they could use a real baby, but they'd better give Lizzie a doll. The babies will all be farm animals, and we're planning on letting Annie's almost born baby be the donkey "so mom, he better come before the play or we'll have no donkey." But we can't give the donkey part to another baby because "mom, Jack LOVES donkeys, it should be his brother." "I guess it'll be ok if he's not born yet, we just won't have a donkey, but if he's born on the day of the play he'll have to be the donkey." Apparently, in that situation, we will have to have the play in the hospital:)

I told her that Sara and Baby Mara would be there, and that Sara said she would take pictures. "But mom, what about NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY!!!" Well, I told her Sara was a professional and she probably didn't even need a flash.

Oh how I love my Pearl!

Gingerbread Houses

On the second snow day, I got up and decided I needed to do something with these kids. So, I called my trusty friends Sherri and Tami up and told them to bring the kids to make gingerbread houses.
I started out with grandiose plans of fresh gingerbread, then I realized that a) my kitchen could only handle so much mess as it was still recovering from a power outage and b) it was highly likely that I would have eaten most of the gingerbread. So, we busted out the graham crackers. I did, however, make Williams Sonoma's royal icing, and they stuff was like cement. Worked like a charm. We dug out whatever decorations we had, and we were a go!
Evan requested a skeleton on his. I think it was Sam's idea - oh boys!
Makayla's had some technical difficulties - as in too much candy on the roof. Oh well, she was a good sport about it.
The kid's favorite part was the chimneys, these rock candy stirring sticks I had left over from making a smoke stack on a train cake from Sam's first birthday. They looked darling and the kids were very impressed with their realistic chimneys.
See - I knew the icing was perfect when Sam picked up his whole house to take a bite and it stayed intact.

Our other friend T was there, unfortunately, I had left my camera in the cold car overnight so it was totally steamed up and had not defrosted by the time she had to leave to pick her sister up from preschool. So sad we have no pics of her, and she was wearing a clean sparkly shirt too (which her mother said was put on because she just KNEW I would take pictures. I guess I am a little crazy with the camera...). We remember her gingerbread house fondly, and that the idea for the mailboxes came from her and we were quite impressed with her skill at making flowers with the piping bags.

Fun fun, and it only took me about 4 days to get the floor mopped:) I love having friends that are such good sports and will come help to entertain my children even when they get invited at the last minute!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Limo Light Tour

Last Monday night Grandma Weir took us on our second Limo light tour. The last one was two years ago, and Pearl has been talking about it ever since. The kids were so excited to get in such a fancy car!
Especially Jack! He's at a really fun age where life is just TOO EXCITING!!!
This was the rapt attention of the kiddos watching the lights. They were really cool, and it was so fun to all be together and relax while watching them. Took our minds off of the snow/power problems we were having.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Weir! Another successful Christmas Light Tour!!!