Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pearl Girl

Pearl is so grown up to me lately. She reads chapter books, rides the bus by herself, and is becoming quite the independent spirit. She's been so busy since school started, I feel bad that she has almost no free time. Well, Saturday was a stay at home day and she played outside and imagined to her heart's content. Sammy left with Jared to run errands, and Max was sleeping, and I was folding laundry when I caught her playing "vet" with her little stuffed animals. It was quite the elaborate set up, with an x-ray machine (her camera), some surgical gloves (frilly Easter gloves) and other assorted equipment. I was glad to catch her, and glad that she had just a little bit of time to imagine and play - after all, she is still a little girl. For a little while, at least:) Love my girl!


Sam had his first day of preschool this week. He was SOOOOO EXCITED!!! I'm not sure what was most exciting... that he was going to Evan's school, or that he got to ride in Evan's car!!! He's looking older to me this year, and I think his cute little backpack will only last one more school year... what a big boy! He still melts my heart and he can get pretty much anything when he uses his eyes on me! Love him.


Max has had a fun week. First, he got to paint the table with his very purple blueberry smoothie. Lest you all think I'm a great mom, I only ran to get the camera and let him continue smearing because my housekeeper, Ernestina (whom I adore) was going to walk through the door in about 15 minutes.

Later on, he was trying so hard to play with Sam. He just didn't realize that he's a boy and not a car. Cute adorable sweet little boy! Oh how I love him so!

Aah, now he gets it!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I can't believe it's taken me so long to blog about Taekwondo. The kids started in June, and it took a month or so to get uniforms, then it's hard to get pictures because I'm chasing Max... anyways, here are some. They are totally adorable. They have been learning valuable life lessons like saying "yes sir" and yelling before you run at someone to kick them:) It's a good thing for them to be involved in. Pearl had her first belt test a few weeks ago (now she has a white belt with a green stripe) and she broke a board! So amazing for my little uncoordinated children! The teacher is so patient and kind, but very strict, perfect for my little Sam. He adores punching, but you should have seen the look on his face during the class where they each got a stick and started learning sword forms... pure joy. Pearl wasn't so sure at first, I mean, no pink and no tutus are involved, but there are some big girls there so she figures it's acceptable. She's especially enjoyed it since her belt test... just needed some success (isn't that always how it is?). I would highly recommend it to parents looking to teach their children respect, control, and strength.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Swings and other assorted playground equipment.

And... ta da!!!! the gravel pits are complete! Grandpa got the swingset up this week (we love him and thank him very much) and the kids are in HEAVEN!!! Sam woke up first thing the next day and ran out to play, and Max has eaten several meals in his swing while he watches the kiddos. Sam also loves to finally have someplace to put the awesome digger he got from Grandma and Grandpa Hulbert for Christmas last year. I love that they are so entertained outside... who needs a tv when you have a yard like this?


So, I knew the gravel pits were coming. I wanted to make sure we had something to put in right away. So, against orders, I ordered the airplane and the swing set. What? They weren't that big to store, and they only sat on Gary's front porch for like 2 weeks. So, with the pits in, I'm thinking we'll get it up right away and we can play. Yeah! Reality check - Jared doesn't come home from work until like 8:00 every night. So, after evenings of fussing and complaining, I got him to at least get it started for me. The next day he left for Korea, and what did I do? Of course, I put it together myself! I will admit, there were a few screws at the end for Gary to tighten and fix, but overall, I did it! The children highly approve.
It is called the Sea Duck and many fun adventures are had.

Max is always so proud of himself when he can sneak a chance to steer!

I will say this, after my experience putting the airplane together (with the children constantly asking if they could get on yet and sitting on parts) I didn't touch the swing set. I figured I would leave that one to the professionals. Good thing, too, after watching three of the strongest people I know lift it into place.


I love being so close to nieces and nephews. Seriously, it takes so much of the playdate pressure off. Plus, I get lots of models so I can take MORE pictures! Here are the ones I got of Scotty recently. Yes, he really is that cute:)


We had the chance to play with just the boys a week or so ago. (and here's me, finally getting to the pictures...) It was so much fun. I swear Jack and Sam sat outside for no less than 30 minutes sitting at the kids table talking for their respective dragons. Seriously, nobody else (meaning me, Annie, or Pearl) want to do that with Sam.

Then we took them all to Carl's Jr once all the babies were awake. They had so much fun!
Especially when the big boys stopped for a second and gave them some attention!
This is mostly what we saw of Sam and Jack, they just kept going and going and going!

Oh, look, there's Sam! And he's coming to play with me!
Love my brother!
I thought the funnest part was when they did the "I can make your baby brother laugh" game.
What lucky babies to have such great big brothers!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sam on Moving.

S: Mom, we need to move. Our house is too old.
Me: No it's not, we like old houses. This house is older than Great Grandpa!
S: But we need to move.
Me: What's the problem, is it too small?
S: (with a chin quiver) no, it's too big.
Me: Ok Sam, where do you want to move?
S: Jack's house. Cause his toys are better than mine.
Me: What if we got those toys, then would you be happy? (not that I would, just curious...)
S: No, becaus then Jack would miss them. We could move tomorrow. I could be Jack's brother.
P: What about me?
S: Don't worry Pearl, Jack can be your brother too.

Wouldn't it be so convienent if Annie could be his mom too... at least for a little while:)

Second Grade

I know. Can you believe it? I'm having a hard time reconciling being the mother to a big second grader at the same time I'm still changing stinky diapers and teaching kids to walk. I guess most people just figure that one out!

In her defense, the sun was very bright. Still, her "smile" face is even worse than usual...
Pearl continues to make me smile regularly. She is always trying her best to do what's right, and her little thoughts are so funny. She is in a "figuring things out" phase, and her explanations for why the world is the way it is are often quite convoluted:)
She got to go for a girls night out with Auntie Annie to pick out her back to school clothes. It was fun, Annie and I had fun dressing her up. I don't think she minded:) Yup, she's that old. She really has to be there to pick clothes out now, or she won't wear them. Sigh. No more just buying her things while she's at school...
Her teacher's name is Mrs. January, and she really likes her. She is continuing with piano lessons and has started Taekwondo this summer. She loves her brothers, who love her so much too. She is enjoying being the "boss" of all the little kids here on the ranch, I'm glad she's still young enough to be excited to play with them. She reads every night, she's working on Matilda right now. She also loves these lame animal chapter books, she has such a soft heart for cute things:) Yesterday, she got her own library card, which is all sorts of exciting. So so glad I have such a girly girly girl to counteract all the boys around here!

Friday, August 13, 2010


We had a playdate with Annie's kids yesterday. More pictures later, when I'm not supposed to be getting ready for a client. I just had to post this one. I didn't think Max was really that small until I looked at this picture... seriously, he just SCREAMS 2%ile kid! Poor Max. I mean, really, who do you think will win when these two go head to head? Luckilly, Scotty is just the sweetest little guy, so I think Max might survive the relationship... Dang Hulbert wussie genes!
P.S. if you're thinking that Scotty is just the most adorable soft squishy kissable baby, you're right. One can't help but love him.

P.P.S. I know it's blurry - I couldn't keep them both there for more than a minute and was still getting the settings on the camera ready... but you get the idea:)

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Maxi got to put his tootsies in the ocean for the first time this trip. He highly approved. I think we have another Sam in the making....

Pearl. Focused.

What did Pearl do at the beach? What she always does... look for seashells!

This year she did add running from the waves (don't worry, not one drop of water touched her). She also added a belt of seaweed to her outfit to use as a rope in case of rescues (though since she won't get wet, I can only imagine she would throw the seaweed from the shore and hope it worked?).
She got Liz to join her for a bit too... a harmless fun pastime for little girls:)

Sam and the Water

Sammy, my little 16%ile no body fat boy will NOT stay out of the water at the beach, no matter how cold it is. So, this time, Jared and I were smart and brought swimsuits. So much easier than the usual "maybe he won't get wet I'll just bring some dry clothes in case..." Yeah. Maybe.

He laughs hysterically the whole time. I swear, the kid has SO MUCH FUN!
Out of the water, freezing.... Dad, can we go again?
My boys.
After we got him dry, he headed for the warmest wind free spot of sand he could find and laid down for pretty much the rest of the day. The problem was that it was about 30 feet behind us, where he could watch a youth group do games. We tried to bring him back to us and the toys about 5 times, no use. He liked it there. Sam never has a problem with being alone. I always wonder, what on earth is he thinking about way over there by himself while the rest of us are eating and talking and playing with toys? I think he gets his alone time skills from his dad.
Oh how we love the beach! Jared says sure, we can retire there, I just have to save my pennies... yeah, about 3 million dollars worth:)